Streamers Biggest Wins – #44 / 2018 – Your online casino streaming community.

The biggest slot wins on stream for week 44 of 2018. Including wins by casino streamers from the 29th October to the 4th of November 2018.

Featured streamers:
00:05 – Skazar
02:38 – Rex Borgersen
05:22 – David Labowsky
08:23 – SuperSmask
12:05 – Slotspinner
15:15 – Miikapekka

Featured games:
El Torero
Magic Ian
Rise Of Olympus
Buffalo Rising
Viking Clash
Terminator 2

Streamers Biggest Wins – #44 / 2018

18 thoughts on “Streamers Biggest Wins – #44 / 2018”

  1. The one who plays "El Torero". Does he really play on Futuritti? ^^ That unbelievable fake website? Ull never see ur money man 😀

  2. Ive just paused this video on miikapekkas hot mode, before I see it I’m guessing he doesn’t get a 1000 x

  3. at 9:00 Smask says its bad.. Its actually not bad., in Buffalo megaways, if you go for mystery.. there is a 33% chance that you get worse pick than the standard (15-x1 10-x5 and 5-x10) there is a 33% chance that you get equal to the standard.. and a 33% chance of getting a better start (10-x10 or 15-x10 or 15-x5 ).

    Basically only 33% chance to get worse start.. and 66% to get equal or better.

  4. No Shirox = instant dislike.

    A video full of small stakes + fake money mikapekka = instant dislike.

    Oh yeah, did I mention a dislike?

  5. You feature that complete dick head Labowsky for a 251x win?

    You sir are a retard and need to think before publishing this trash.

  6. This Miikapekka guy is known scammer at finnish forums. He sold stuff (mostly computer related) that he never owned and asked people to send money and after he receives moneys he will send those stuff. Well he never sent those things which he was selling and took moneys and ran off. What a scumbag!

    This was year 2011, i guess he already had a gambling problem then and was using moneys to pay bills lol.

  7. Beautiful hotmode… 9/10 it would shaft u on big stakes with 300/400x.. so the 1000x plus is sexy. Congrats miika 👍👍

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