Streamers Biggest Wins – #48 / 2018 – Your online casino streaming community.

The biggest slot wins on stream for week 48 of 2018. Including wins by casino streamers between the 26th November and 2nd of December 2018.

Featured streamers:
00:05 – Rex Borgersen
02:19 – David Labowsky
04:22 – LetsGiveItASpin
08:47 – BlackCatSeven
10:47 – The Bandit
19:13 – NickSlots

Featured games:
Temple Of Secrets
Rise Of Olympus
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Jammin Jars

Streamers Biggest Wins – #48 / 2018

20 thoughts on “Streamers Biggest Wins – #48 / 2018”

  1. Its remarkable to look at guys at David Labowsky. His first videos he was going bonkers just winning 500 euro. The gambling addiction has probably kicked in now because he can't even get excited voor 3200 euro anymore. Close the PC mate, refind the joy and come back, its starting to take over.

  2. im sick of hearing of letsgiveitaspin say hello all the time and high fiving ohhh will you just fuck off you pair of bellends

  3. 40 spins on millionaire and not even 1000x 🤔 and where da fuk was the 117k megaways.. nice win but shocking

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