The Mean Streets of $5/$10…

We’re back on the /NL streets at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Following an amazing weekend of +00, we look to either keep the momentum going, or be prepared for some reversion to the mean. What does that mean? Glad you asked.

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Second track by Ventura:

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The Mean Streets of /...

12 thoughts on “The Mean Streets of $5/$10…”

  1. You know you've made it big when others are making videos bashing you to get famous.
    Keep up the great work Andrew.

  2. You’ll be back into the good vibes in no time! Thx for the vlog! As a recreational player from France, helped me a lot improving my cash game play!

  3. I keep detailed records of my sessions at $1/$2. I'm what you would call a recreational player, but I do studies a couple times a week. I subscribe to one of the many sites that allow for studies. So I would consider myself a knowledgable/functional rec player. I average probably 1 or 2 sessions a week and through the first 9 months of the year I was up $6000 playing $1/$2. My hourly average was right around $45. I've had about 10 straight losing sessions in the last 2 months. I fully understand what this regression to the mean is all about. I'm still up over $3k for the year, but it doesn't feel good when the regression hits as hard as the upswing came. My bankroll is still healthy for a 1/2 game so I'm still going to play when I can, but I can't help to stop and think about some of the spots that I was 2 to 8 outed and more importantly the spots where I played the hand incorrectly. There is a single person who plays every spot perfectly, but that doesn't mean you can't evaluate what you did and how you could have done it better.

  4. "The dream of normalcy" might be the quest for the grail or an illusion. Either way, hang in there brother and appreciate and be happy in the moment. All the best players shuffle chips left-handed, so u got that goin' for ya.

  5. Do you think Vegas is softer or easier to play than la games? I say this because villains in Vegas play a more normal range compared to LA.

  6. I hate the idea of having to keep a good atmosphere at the table. I play best when I don't interact with people at all. More interaction is more information and it's not like you're playing with a bunch of people similar to you. No one minds the Asian dudes on their phones or the old guy watching horse racing on his, but if an anti-social person glances at their phone, then he's a cancer. Well I'm ranting now but shit. If you don't want to play poker, gtfo. Don't expect the table to be 8 jesters. Those places are packed with tvs for a reason.

  7. Andrew having been a huge fan of you, your game, and your love for this world of poker… dont ever apologize for your "ramblings". Its actually great to hear about the ups and downs of poker, having perspective that most poker players dont want to share because they are afraid to admit those frustrations. People like you and Jamie Staples are what make the game real, it's not just winning the "main event", it's a grind with highs/lows, much like life… but much like life its preparation/ hard work that allows us to achieve!!! Good luck to you always, keep allowing your passion drive you and you will always be successful.

  8. @andrew Not sure if you noticed this but from the last two videos I thought I had a dead pixel on my screen but pretty sure its your camera. If you skip to 8:41 you will notice it on your right eye. Not a big deal but thought you would want to know!

  9. Hi Andrew, love the vlogs. Try not to play when you're tired ok and use table selection more frequently (if its just 1 game going and its dull just go elsewhere). Keep up the grind and the videos coming!

  10. he calls your c bet on the flop with nothing but a gutter runner runner…and then hits the gutter on the turn. Ugh.

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