The Oldest Casino in Las Vegas | Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

Today we explore the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. The oldest hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Fremont is a good place to visit if you are looking for Vintage Vegas but the history is slowly disappearing. Golden Gate is a charming hotel with a fun vibe. We also check out the old El Porto Theater property, as that will be “erased from existence” very soon. Also, a little bit of NEW Vegas, we get a quick look at where Circa Las Vegas will be built.

Hi! I’m Dani. My channel is made just for fun to get me out of the house, go on adventures, and discover new things. My content will mostly be about Las Vegas history and modern attractions since that’s where I live. I don’t intend to be a review channel, I just love to learn and explore. I might head to a resort, a tourist spot, a historic site, or a random roadside attraction. I will do my best to get my information correct. I also try to keep things positive and family friendly for viewers of all ages. Hopefully, I will be traveling to more places in the near future. Thanks for watching!

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The Oldest Casino in Las Vegas | Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

18 thoughts on “The Oldest Casino in Las Vegas | Golden Gate Hotel and Casino”

  1. I can say I legit learned something. I'd always thought of the Flamingo as the oldest Hotel in Vegas, when come to think of it, it's just the oldest one still operating. Golden Gate is a monument within of itself, lasting that long in good ol Glitter Gulch. Props to you as always Dani, great narration and camera work. Might also ask to steal the make/model of your camera because I really like the quality of yours.

  2. Great video. What a cool casino! Need to check it out next time I'm in town. Go back to 1:48 and that old picture. What was that lady doing in the 2nd floor window?

  3. Awesome job ! Love the history down there use to like going quite a bit to sassy Sally's , That's gone now , In the eighties I actually cruised in my lowered mini truck LOL up-and-down Fremont boulevard , Stellar job again Dani thank you take care guys

  4. Telephone number is “1” lol and the old slot machines are so cool. I really enjoyed this. Old Vegas and it’s history is awesome. Great video Dani

  5. I always stay at The Gate. The suites are pretty nice and roomy. I have never had a regular room. I know they have been refurbished but I believe they are small.

  6. Thanks for posting this Dani… was neat hearing the historical information and getting a glimpse inside.

  7. Another great video Dani!…cant wait for the new Circa casino too. Nothing beats the downtown vibe for sure! thanks for sharing!


  9. WOW Dani !!!
    That Was Great !!!
    Please Do More Downtown If Ever You Can
    P.S.: Those Pit Bosses Didn't Just Look Like Mob Bosses, They WERE Mob Bosses !!!!!
    Oh, Those Were The Days !!!!!!!!
    Thank You Ever So Much, And Thanks Again For What You Do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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