13 thoughts on “To gambling god get in there”

  1. Eating like a king Timmy. You know how to treat yourself mate. Pat Mustard will be eating dog food, probably Chappie.

  2. Fucking dirty degenerate cunt!! Video of you doing your bollocks in the FOBT was great. You’ll have to wait another month for your DLA to come through.

  3. If you ever fancy winning bets you Gimmi a shout. Fruit machines and roulette you'll never win. Ever. It'll ruin your life if it hasn't already.

  4. Timmy just get on with your life dont keep mentioning pat he dont care what your doing. Get on with your life ffs its boring lad. Ignore the shit ffs

  5. 26 quid your all so fucking GULLIBLE with this sick compulsive liar. still its 70 quid cheaper than his London steak 🙂

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